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Round Up, Push Ups and Bananas…Oh My!

Round Up, Push-Ups and Bananas…Oh My! The ridiculousness of thinking in absolutes By Lori Friend Moger, M.Sc.   I love science. I really do. It’s part of what draws me to exercise physiology, nutrition, and sport psychology; perhaps the studies and data comfort me in an otherwise seemingly haphazard world.[…]

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first steps towards health

Taking the First Step Toward Health

Taking the First Step Toward Health How to start moving towards a healthy lifestyle. By Leah Goldstein with Lori Friend Moger, M.Sc.   I think many of us, especially women, picture a healthy person as an organic-cotton wearing, victory-garden growing, smoothie slurping, exercise addict. One who never touches sugar, caffeine[…]

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