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About Lori Moger

Lori Moger, M.Sc. is a Kinesiologist, Sports Psychologist, Speaker and Fitness Coach specializing in stress reduction, simple nutrition strategies and inspiring clients to squeeze healthy choices into their busy lives!

Her extensive background in wellness includes the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center – Minnesota, The Sports Club Company – Los Angeles, and Indiana University’s Sports Psychology Department. Lori coaches and motivates everyone from elite athletes to corporate executives. Lori is an author and the ghost writer of “No Limits”, Leah Goldstein’s powerful, true life story.

Lori feels that “Too many people, especially women, tend to sacrifice their own health in order to care for everyone else around them. But we just don’t have that luxury!” Lori’s no-magic-pill, common sense approach to wellness will leave you feeling empowered to take back the reins in your life.

She believes that your greatest asset is your body . . . take care of it!

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