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No Finish Line Living Speaking Options

Leah Goldstein speaking

“No Finish Line” – Keynote

Leah Goldstein highlights personal stories of overcoming all limits and her astonishing achievements. The cornerstone of our programs.

2 Hours

Lori Moger Speaking

“Stress Combat” – Keynote

Oh yes, this is war! Lori Moger shares the effects of long-term stress on your body, and how to fight back.

1.5 Hours

“What in the @#%$ CAN I Eat?!” – Keynote               

Simplifying myths and truths of critical eating. With all the confusion over wheat, pesticides and food additives – how can we decide what’s good for us??  We are losing our battle with disease!  Cancers, autoimmune disorders, heart disease and more are affecting all of us . . . but we can fight back.  Lori Moger, M.Sc., kinesiologist and wellness speaker, leads you through the murky waters of food and health industry to discover the incredible possibilities of food!  Use your critical thinking to ignore the fads and quick-fixes, and create a genuine path to health. 

1.5 Hours

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